Mastering Remote Learning REVIEWS Michelle Riddle SCAM OR LEGIT?

 Mastering Remote Learning REVIEWS Michelle Riddle SCAM OR LEGIT?

Official website: www.masteringremotelearning.com

Mastering Remote Learning REVIEWS Michelle Riddle SCAM OR LEGIT?

Are You Worried About What The Future Of Education Will Be For Your Kids...? Discover How You Can Master Remote Learning Without Creating Overwhelm, Chaos And Disruption In Your Life. The Secrets To Quickly And Easily Optimize Your Home Learning Environment Like A Pro In As Little As One Day! 

Why Attend The  Virtual Summit?

  • Gain Confidence In Your Abilities
  • Eliminate Overwhelm And Confusion
  • Organize Your Day For Productivity
  • Plan For Single Or Multi-Grade Scenarios
  • Balance Home, School And Work Like A Pro
  • Get Your Kids To Listen And Focus


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1. How To Teach The Stuff Your Kids Will ACTUALLY Use

- Matt Duggan, Educator and Online School Specialist, will offer wisdom about the most valuable skills our children require in this rapidly changing and complex world.  He will provide insight into what post-secondary schools are looking for and what students must show to get noticed.  He will lay out a template that will inspire learners to become their personal best and you will leave with tools that empower every student with the capacity for astute lifelong learning.

2. Setting The Stage For Success

- With a world full of confusion and chaos, it can be easy to fall into a cycle of negative thinking and exhaustion.  Dr. Madiha Saeed, bestselling author and motivational speaker, can provide you will the tools of hope, aspiration and gratitude that set the stage for a successful and satisfying life.

3. The Zen Teacher: Creating Focus, Simplicity And Tranquility In The Remote Learning Classroom

- Remote learning means teachers are faced with many stressors, including distractions, anxiety and overwhelm. Dan Tricarico, author of The Zen Teacher: Creating Focus, Simplicity and Tranquility in the Classroom provides strategies that help educators reduce their stress and improve their self-care so they can thrive both inside and out of the remote learning classroom.

4. Rocking Your Multi-Grade Homeschool

- Ingrid DeVilliers, Home School Teacher and mother of 7 will offer tips on how to create your learning plan, organize your time, and occupy all learners as you deliver lessons to children in different grades.  She will provide a structure that meets everyone's needs and you will receive a special bonus on self-care for the home school hero - YOU.

5. Managing Anxiety During Uncertain Times

- An uncertain future can impact your physical, mental and emotional health. With so many unknowns surrounding the future of classroom education and even disrupted plans for college, it's easy to get overwhelmed and anxious.  In this session you'll discover the tools that will help you thrive in this challenging world.


Mastering Remote Learning REVIEW. Michelle Riddle is LEGIT.

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